Sunday, 30 April 2017

Possible website layout? (very basic)

page 1= introduction to website with simple gif?
page 2 = why to grow a garden. Motion graphics video and facts.
page 3 = how to grow a garden. motion graphics video and facts.
page 4 = share your garden pictures.

More resurch on websites and motion graphics:

Some more websites i like :

Motion graphics: (two good places for inspiration)

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Week 1.2

After our lecture today and seeing each others mood boards/ website examples here are my favourites
Website, Catches the eye as soon as you look at it, simple, continuous animation on front page, cute icons..... Maybe aim our website towards kids? or families?

Illustrations- Like the colour pallets of both of these, in the second one especially as there are more colours. Like the simple style, maybe will make it easier to illustrate and then animate? Not sure....
All these are screen shots so i know where the images come from....

Brainstorm about how planting a garden can help you and the environment..... possible ideas for first motion graphic?

Websites i like

Websites i like

Week 1 Mood board + resurch

After mondays class we decided to choose 'trees' as out topic. At home i thought 'gardens' would be more interesting and give us more room to play around with illustration. I'm interested in illustrative style, maybe water colour? Maybe create a mograph about what the benefits of planting a garden are to yourself and the environment? Also how to plant a garden or what types of gardens. On the left i have written some facts that could be included.