Wednesday, 31 May 2017



I created a two page website with one motiongraphic on the topic ‘how growing a herb garden help with air pollution’. The target audience is primary school kids. My main goals were to make it easy to use but still fun.

The first page: i used a looped colourful, fun animation to introduce my characters and engage the audience. Underneath is a brief introduction and information on the big problem - global warming. I used easy to read type and a simple explanation. My website is interactive, when you reduce the window size the three columns turn into one. The navigation bar is float on the top so its easy to navigate all the time.

The second page: First thing you see is my motion graphic. Upbeat music, characters and bright colours make it fun and engaging. Later i added a voiceover to further explain whats happening in the video. Under the video is more information and a cartoon.

If i were to do this project again i would add more information and some links to other helpful pages. Also i would include a third page where you can share your own garden photos.

Annabelle Schurhammer

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